Voice Access App for Android

Voice Access is most useful and helpful allocation to anyone who has risky manipulating a touch screen use their Android device by voice.

Voice Access provides many voice commands for:

  • Basic navigation
  • Controlling the current screen
  • Text editing and dictation
    You can also say “Help” any time to see a short list of commands.

Voice Access covered a tutorial which introduces the most normal voice commands (starting Voice Access, tapping, scrolling, basic text editing, and getting help).

You can use the Google Assistant to Voice Access by saying “Hey Google, Voice Access”. To do this, you’ll need to enable “Hey Google” detection. You can also tap either the Voice Access notification or a blue Voice Access button and start talking. Pause Voice Access temporarily, just say “stop listening”. To disable Voice Access completely, go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access and turn off the switch.

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