Type Keeper – Your personal keylogger

You have typed something then you erased that typing message. Anyway you need an important part of text you have written in earlier. An application just stopped & all your text typing is lost. Or just you want to check your “copy to clipboard” history?

Type Keeper is here. It is designed to automatically save everything you type and copy, in all your apps on your Android device. Just open it whenever you want to view old input entries & “copy to clipboard” events. By using it you will never lose text typing and clipboard data again.

What Type Keeper automatically does for you:
• It saves your text typing as events and sorts them by date and time.
• It saves your clips as events and sorts them by date and time.

• It requests and saves location on each text typing event start (only if device Location is enabled).
• It deletes old in order to free up storage and provide you better all performance.

Text typing functions:
• Explore your text typing in details. Drag the slider to view symbol by symbol history.
• Show text typing events only from a specific application.
• Search in history for specific text typing events.
• Manage your text typing events. Copy, share and delete them simply in one tap.
• View location of each text typing event (displayed on a map).
• Easily enable or disable Type Keeper text typing storing globally or for specific apps.

Clips features:
• Take a look at your last clips.
• Search in history for specific clip events.
• Manage your clips. Copy, share and delete them simply in one tap.
• Easily enable/disable Type Keeper clips storing globally.

Additional features:
• Adjust automatically clean-up interval.
• Choose provider for location tracking.
• Require screen lock confirmation on Type Keeper opening.

Technical Details:
• Important: This Android app uses an availablity service which must be enabled to ensure primary functionality.

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