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Signal Private Messenger App Free Download

Signal Messenger Application is a cross-platform encrypted messenger app developed by the Signal Messenger team. It uses the Internet to send personal-to-personal and group messages, which can include voice notes, images and videos and other files.

it used as personal telephone numbers as identifiers and secures all communications to other Signal users with end-to-end encryption it has same to WhatsApp end to end encryption.
This App have above 9 million downloads on Android.

4 reasons to know Signal users

We listed four features to be aware of signal app, this softwear update various features now. that are listed below
1 – Screen Lock facility is a number one feature “Pin code and biometric lock are required to open the app”

2- Turn off joint notifications “it use to avoid unwanted messages can cause”

3 – Blur the Face “It is an option to blur the face along with the option to send photos”

4 – Send Disappearing Message “All unread messages disappear after a certain period automatically”

Signel Foundation,
Signel Massenger

Supported OS

Android 5.0.8 / Decembar 17, 2020
iOS 5.0.3 / December 23, 2020
Desktop 1.39.4 / December 17, 2020

2021–present: Signal Messenger

in the new year 2021 is very good start up to signal messenger app in the case of WhatsApp, messenger new policy updating. it has very badly effected to WhatsApp messenger. this reason is very help full to signal App.

On January 2021 Signal effected to a jump in new application installers, sometime one time password option temporarily delay Signal’s capacity to deliver account verification code message. world newspapers reported same effects in United Arab Emirates.

The most of users un install WhatsApp then install to SignEl App
Free download signal application.

How to Download Signal Application

It is the most supportive messaging softwear for users today.
Download Signal Application Click the Download button
set up the account by using for your person mobile number
simply complete the steps, then start and send messages for free.

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