Sales and Marketing Executive Jobs in Bangalore

We’re looking for an experienced Sales and Marketing Executive, who can research and develop marketing and sales strategy with an aim to drive the sales and market visibility of the firm.

A Sales and Marketing Executive will be involved in developing marketing strategies, implementing marketing plans, developing sales strategies, maintaining customer relations, and creating sales reports.

About the Job

An ideal candidate should have strong knowledge of modern marketing techniques, a passion for sales, and excellent communication skills.

This position reports to the Director, Operations and HR.


● Contributing to the development of marketing strategies

● Conducting market research on competitor products

● Designing and implementing marketing plans for company products

● Sound knowledge of social media and other digital platforms

● Working with the sales team to develop targeted sales strategies

● Answering client queries about product specifications and uses

● Maintaining client relations

● Tracking sales data to ensure the company meets sales quotas

● Creating and presenting sales performance reports

Basic Qualifications

● Proven work experience as a Sales and Marketing Executive.

● Knowledge of modern marketing techniques.

● High-level communication and networking skills.

● A passion for sales

● Understanding of commercial trends and marketing strategies

● Good project management skills

● Excellent interpersonal skills

● Ability to work well under pressure

Desired Qualifications

● Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, business or related discipline or equivalent experience

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