Malayalam audio maker app – Rill

Rill is a very useful and trending application for android users.

It’s a wonderful entertainment network anywhere you can find Audios for WhatsApp, Ringtones, Troll Audios, voice clips, Dialogue and other sounds. Which makes Rill is the best ringtone & audio app for WhatsApp users.
Rill is updated latest and trending ringtones, audio and dialogue which you can easily transfer to any where with just one click. all in Rill is well organised in to seperate category’s, you can easily find what you are looking. Some of our main categories are listed below:

  • Funny Audio Dialogue
  • love Audio Dialogues
  • Mass Audio Dialogue
  • Emotional Dialogues
  • Asking Audios Dialogue
  • New Ringtone
  • KGF Ringtone
  • Romantic voice clips
  • WhatsApp Audio Reply

How to use Rill Audio App for Android?

Go to Google play store and search Rill Audio App. You will get the app link, click the link to Install Rill and you can find a large collection of audios, find the one you like and tap the share button to share directly or Download for offline use.


Just Tap the like button which will save that audio to the favourite section, So when you need that audio you can easily find in the favourite section.

Upload Your Audio

You have a great audios with you, we would love to share them in our application. You can easily upload your audios in our app by using the upload share your audios :

  • Tap the upload Button
  • Select the Audio
  • Give the description.
  • Select the language and tap the tic mark
  • Done your audio will be published after reviewing.

Download Rill App

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