Key Logger Android Application

Keep your keylogger Type Keeper here. Designed to automatically save everything you type and copy, to all your apps on your Android device. Just open it whenever you want to view the old entries & & “copy to paste board” By using it you will never lose typing text and paste board data again.
• It saves your text typing as events and sorts them by date and time.
• It requests and saves location on each text typing event start.

• It deletes old events (and their data) in order to free up storage and provide you better overall performance.

Text typing features:
• Explore your text typing in details. Drag the slider to view symbol by symbol history.
• Display text typing events only from specific applications.
• Search history for specific text typing events.
• Manage your typing events. Copy, share and easily remove them with a single tap.
• View the location of each typing event (shown on the map).
• Enable / easily disable Keeper type typing globally or in certain applications.

Main Features:
• Check out your last clips.
• Search history to find specific clip events.
• Manage your clips. Copy, share and easily remove them with a single tap.
• Easily enable / disable Keeper type clips worldwide.

Additional features:
• Adjust the automatic cleaning interval.
• Select a location tracking provider.
• Require screen lock confirmation on Keeper type unlock

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