Who touch my phone – Who unlocks my phone

Use Don’t touch my phone – phone alarm app if

🚨 The alarm will ring immediately when someone touch your phone
🚨 Discover Who is trying to touch your phone.
🚨 Are you worried if someone is trying to tamper with your smartphone?
🚨 This simple security app has saved my phone.
🚨 You are afraid your phone will be stolen. Thieves hate this alarm!
🚨Fright who unlocks my phone
🚨Your friends are snooping into your privet phone (texts and private emails etc.) without your permission

🚨Afraid to leave it alone in public places like school or airport
🚨Your kids, siblings, family members or coworkers are using your phone when you’re not around

Other Security Features:
1. PIN Code for super protection
2. Fingerprint to Switch off the alarm.
3. Disconnect Charger alarm
4. Flashlights when the alarm is triggered
5. Add delay to Alarm Sound
6. Record and Setup your own custom alarm sound, a nosy person can not shut down
7. Antitheft Alarm for your mobile phone

App Name  Don’t touch my phone
Developer al.Jana Pawla II 80 Warszawa
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated 7 July 2020

Prevent unauthorized access with quick and easy setup
1. Press START to activate the Anti Theft Alarm.
2. Place the device on a fixed place e.g. Table

Using this special privacy guard app installed on your phone you will manage to take a pictures of the thieves and pinpoint their exact location.

Don’t touch my smartphone here is an another anti thft and anti teft private stuff we do care.

Good against thieves, kids, noisy people and a fantastic security system. Just place your phone next to the door and have a good night sleep. Find my phone this is the app to find stolen phone.

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